Should you use Serpbook?

Serpbook is a search ranking tracker.  You use it to track the positions of your site in the search engines for keywords you choose.

One of the keys to building a profitable blog is targeting long tail keywords.  It’s the method I use to get lots of traffic with almost zero backlinks.

So should you be using Serpbook or are you better served by one of its competitors?  In this post I’m going to break down the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

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Can you still make money from blogging in 2018?

A few years ago you could start a blog, write some crappy content and fill your site with Adsense and you’d make a decent profit.  Things have changed dramatically since then and blogging is no longer the “in” thing.

But is it still possible to make money blogging in 2018?  And is it worth starting a blog anymore?

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5 Ways to Monetize your Blog in 2018

Are you looking to monetize your blog in 2018?  I’ve put together 5 solid options that I’ve used, and know to still work in 2018.  While blogging might not be as “hot” as it was a few years ago, it’s still possible to generate a full time income from blogging.

Let me know in the comments what methods you’re using to make money with your blog..

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How to write content that gets traffic without backlinks

Did you know that you don’t need hundreds of backlinks on high profile websites to rank at the top of Google.  I’ve used the following technique to rank money making content for some of the most competitive niches.    And i’ve done it without any SEO outreach or backlink building.

So if you want to start making money with Affiliate Marketing, or by selling your own products, don’t start by building backlinks – start by creating the type of content that gets ranked no matter how many backlinks you have.

Here’s my guide to writing money making content:

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Profitable Morrows is a Ponzi Scam

There are no shortage of scams in the “make money online” space.  Unfortunately, with the rise in popularity of Bitcoin, I’m seeing more and more of these scams accepting the cryptocurrency and giving the whole space a bad name.

Now while it is possible to make money online from cryptocurrency you need to be careful of the scams out there.

This post is breaking down one of those scams – Profitable Morrows.  This is how you can tell it’s a scam and why you should stay as far away as possible from it:

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MOBE is a simply a scam

I’m not sure how I came across MOBE, I think I saw a review on a blog.  But almost immediately I knew I needed to write a post warning you to stay as far away from this crap as possible.

MOBE is a pyramid scheme.  And like all pyramid schemes – some people probably do make money.  But they do this by fleecing money from ignorant, unsuspecting people and giving them nothing of real value in return.

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How I pump out money making affiliate content every day

I usually write every day.  And doing so I pump out money making content on a regular basis, that does make me thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions every month.

April was a bad month for me.  I was unmotivated, hardly worked and generally didn’t feel amazing.  As a result, I saw my traffic and earnings take a little bit of a dive.

April was a stark contrast to the months preceding it – I wrote almost every day and I was making more money, than I had ever done.  When I write every day or at least a 5 times a week, I notice that my revenue increases.  This might not be the same for you.  But if you are looking at ways you can increase your affiliate income, then writing on a regular basis may be something you should try.

I’ve put together a guide on how I write on a regular basis.  So far this month, I’ve written numerous posts every single day.  I feel like i’m in a state of flow.  This is my process:

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I made $9000 from my websites last month

Welcome to my brand new site.  Let me give a quick introduction to why I’ve started this.

For the past few years, I’ve been running a number of websites.  This past January, I managed to make over $9k in pretty much passive income from these websites.   This is more than most people make from a full time salary. And it suddenly struck me, that I may be on the verge of being what I used to think was “successful”.   This seems crazy to me.

Now that I’m here, I no i’m not successful, not in my eyes, because I know I can achieve so much more.  Life can be insane.

After having my best month ever, I was motivated more than ever before to grow this income, and reach my goal of making $1 million in income from my websites in a calendar year.

I wonder if I can do that over the next 2 years.

So I’m going to use this blog to record my progress and also share with you the methods I use for building sites and generating real income.  I read a lot of blogs, and I’ve managed to gather lots of great advice from many of these, and hopefully I can share some genuinely valuable information.

This website won’t earn me much, sure i’ll put in an odd affiliate link here and there, but 99.99% of my income comes from other websites that aren’t anywhere near related to the “make money online” niche.  In other words, I’m not making money telling people how to make money – there are plenty of people who do this.  Good luck to them, I don’t really like it.

So here are some details about my current setup:

  • I run two money making sites.  I started the second one after the first one became a success in an effort to diversify income.  Both sites roughly make an equal amount.
  • I make all my income from affiliate marketing
  • I don’t do any backlinks.  All my SEO is onpage stuff.  This isn’t perfect, but it’s made me tens of thousands!  I’m sure backlinks and other seo could have a massive impact.
  • I have a really neat content creation concept which I’ll share in a dedicated post.  The reason why most people fail at affiliate marketing is because they don’t know how to write the correct type of content.  The correct type of content with just a small amount of traffic can equal huge returns.

What I used to do that didn’t make me any money

I’ve tried  a lot of different online business ideas over the past few years.  Most of them didn’t work.  Here are just some of the things I was doing wrong…

  • Copy other people.  I would read blogs like SmartPassiveIncome and see someone making thousands from a certain affiliate program and try and emulate it.  Stop fucking promoting Bluehost 😉   The competition is so intense you’ll never make any money.
  • Write content with a scatter gun approach.  Now I use something I call the “hub” content method and it works like a gem.  Every post is super targeted and has a role to play.
  • Promote the wrong things.  I won’t get out of bed for less than $100…. Well something like that ;p But more seriously, I used to promote affiliate programs that paid a few dollars.  It’s so much easier to promote something with  a $100+ commission.
  • Was impatient.  I think it took 2 years for my sites to reach the point where they were making money on a regular monthly basis.  Sure it can be done quicker, but it certainly can’t be done in a few weeks.

What I want to do in the future

  • Share my monthly income – this will keep me motivated.  I lose motivation easily.  I’m building this site to keep myself in a state of flow.
  • Share my content creation guide.
  • Share the tools and resources that I use.
  • Help 10 people go from ~$0 to $500 a month in income.

So that’s my introduction.  Now I know this post wasn’t very useful, but I just wanted to write something as a quick intro.  Let me know who you are in the comments.  One of the most rewarding things about blogging is the community.  Chances are you’re probably a much better marketer than I am, so I’d love to read your blog 🙂