How I pump out money making affiliate content every day

I usually write every day.  And doing so I pump out money making content on a regular basis, that does make me thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions every month.

April was a bad month for me.  I was unmotivated, hardly worked and generally didn’t feel amazing.  As a result, I saw my traffic and earnings take a little bit of a dive.

April was a stark contrast to the months preceding it – I wrote almost every day and I was making more money, than I had ever done.  When I write every day or at least a 5 times a week, I notice that my revenue increases.  This might not be the same for you.  But if you are looking at ways you can increase your affiliate income, then writing on a regular basis may be something you should try.

I’ve put together a guide on how I write on a regular basis.  So far this month, I’ve written numerous posts every single day.  I feel like i’m in a state of flow.  This is my process:


Start with “Buying” keyword Posts

What I mean by this is writing articles that are targeting keywords that have a “buyers” intent.  Such as “Product X Review”.  There are many different ways to write these posts.  Whenever I’m targeting a new affiliate niche I write articles that try to capture people who are already looking to buy product x. This works! Don’t write a post like this.  There is no buying intent and trying to convert someone using this post would be much much harder.

Keep an Post Ideas document open

I have a google docs document sitting open in my browser at all times.  It has a list of post ideas that I am eventually going to write.  Having it open is a constant reminder to focus on your niche, and I find myself coming up with ideas throughout the day.  This doc now has more post ideas than I think I can ever write.

Make sure you specific with your post ideas.  Use the actual headings you would use in the post.  Don’t just write “Product Review” as a post idea.

Flesh out the post structure first

This makes it much easier to write longer articles.  I actually write all the headings of the post first and then fill in the content after.  That way everything is broken down and seems much more manageable.  Plus you end up writing more readable articles.

Write first thing in the morning

I find that if I start writing posts first thing in the morning, I usually have a good work day.  Don’t worry about email or checking your stats.  Just jump right into working.  If you check your traffic or commission stats first thing and they are shit, you make feel bad and not want to write.  Just dive in.

Come up with a “Series”

Sometimes I just can’t write.  The creative juices don’t flow.  What I’ve done is created a series of posts that are all based on the same template.  These may be “Is X a scam”.  I just change the X to another product.  The content in the post follows the same structure.  This way I’m still creating unique content that will potentially convert traffic, but I don’t really need to think too hard as the post structure is already there.

Use a streak

A streak is a powerful productivity tool.  For some reason if you have a streak going, you just don’t want to break it.  It even gets to the point where it is kind of fun.  So try and get a streak going.  Use a whiteboard or notepad to keep track of the number of days you’ve written in a row.  If you break the streak, start from zero, but make the game to try and beat your previous streak.  It’s amazing how well this works.

Start writing longer content

You should aim to be writing over 500 words every single post.  Thin content doesn’t get ranked well, but it’ll also make you a shit writer.  Get in the habit of writing longer posts.  I can churn out 1000 words in about 20-30 minutes.

In conclusion

So there you have it.  My ideas for pumping out money making affiliate content.  I chose not to go into what makes a money making article in this post.  Make sure you subscribe as I’ll be putting that up soon.


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