MOBE is a simply a scam

I’m not sure how I came across MOBE, I think I saw a review on a blog.  But almost immediately I knew I needed to write a post warning you to stay as far away from this crap as possible.

MOBE is a pyramid scheme.  And like all pyramid schemes – some people probably do make money.  But they do this by fleecing money from ignorant, unsuspecting people and giving them nothing of real value in return.

I’m going to break down exactly why MOBE is a scheme that shouldn’t be touched:

Never pay to promote something

MOBE requires you to pay a $19 monthly fee, just to promote their products.  WTF!?!?

I make a good living promoting affiliate programs.  I probably work with around 20 different companies.  None of these companies require me to pay an upfront fee to sell their products.

Imagine going in to work and having your boss tell you that in order to get the job you need to pay them a monthly fee.

This is a complete joke and the first dead giveaway this is a scam.

No knowledge is worth that much money

MOBE seems to sell a lot of different things.  But essentially they claim to be selling internet marketing training.  Trust me – there is NOTHING they can teach you that is worth shelling out more than $1000 for.   The same information is available for free on blogs like this! There are no internet marketing secrets.  What BS.

Why is the price so high?  Because they want to pay large amounts to the people who promote the program.  To make it worth their while to destroy their reputations promoting absolute crap.

I’m living proof that you don’t need to pay ridiculous amounts of money to run a successful business.

Anything with lots of “Levels” and “Mastermind” programs is a scam

MOBE seems to have a bunch of different products, programs, levels, masterminds etc etc.  All of which have a price tag.  It goes up into the thousands of dollars.  This is all just designed to extract as much money out of individuals as possible.

“You’ll be more successful if you just give us a little bit more money”.  This is the basic premise that all MLM scams (and every MLM is a scam) operates on.    Scientology does the exact same thing.  If you’re involved in something that aligns itself with the practices of scientology, maybe you should think about what you’re doing.

This isn’t real business

If you promote this program, you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re not a business person.  You’re simply operating in a little MLM bubble.  Selling the promise of riches to other gullible people who will in turn try and sell the promote of riches to more gullible people.  It’s not affiliate marketing.  It’s not even marketing.  It’s scamming.  Plain and simple.

Please, i’m begging you, get outside the bubble.


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