Making Money as a Forex Affiliate

Over the past 12 months, I have made over $100000 from Forex Affiliate Programs.  I recently moved on from promoting forex affiliates, so now that I’m out of the space I can share with you the exact method I use to generate that type of income.

I’ve worked with the eToro, Plus500, EasyMarkets and XM affiliate programs.  And i’ve made hundreds of thousands over the past few years.  If you’ve joined these programs and are looking to generate money from them, then you need this book. 

I’ve written my strategy into a book.  It includes:

  • How to build a money making forex affiliate website
  • How to write content that converts.  Including actual headlines from successful articles
  • How to get visitors from Google without having to place ANY backlinks
  • How to turn this work into a full-time income
  • How I negotiated industry high payouts from programs
  • How I started making commissions with only a couple of dozen visitors to my website

Being a Forex affiliate is a great way to make money.   You can work anywhere in the world and it gives you a lot of freedom.  I had an amazing 5 year journey working in that space.

You need to read this book if:

  • You’re writing lots of content but not generating and sales
  • You’re not getting any visitors to your website
  • You’re not making any money!
  • If you’re a member of the eToro, Plus500, EasyMarkets, XM Affiliate Program.  Although this book will work for any forex and CFD affiliate program.

Making Money as a Forex Affiliate 

The book is just about to launch.  It will be released in September 2018.  Make sure you bookmark this page.  Sales of this book will be limited to ensure my method isn’t used by too many people and becomes oversaturated.