The Best Forex Affiliate Programs for Bloggers: 2020 Edition

forex affiliate programsAre you looking to make money promoting Forex Affiliate Programs?  Forex affiliate programs are some of the highest paying programs available.  You can easily earn more than $500 per commission.  I love to promote forex sites because every commission is worth it.  Even if you make just a couple of commissions each month, you still take home a decent amount of income.

These are some of the most profitable affiliate programs in the forex niche.  I’ve tried all of them and have been able to make money with each and every one.

EasyMarkets Partners

EasyMarkets Partners is the affiliate program of EasyMarkets – a popular trading platform, especially for retail traders.   They have some unique features like DealCancellation and now offer crypto trading, which means there are more things for you to promote.

Why I like EasyMarkets Partners:

  • Earn up to $600 CPA
  • Promote Stocks, Forex and Cryptos
  • DealCancellation Feature – unique!
  • Offers bonuses for deposits

Find out more about EasyMarkets Partners Here


Plus500 is probably the most advertised trading platform.  It’s also one of the most popular.  This means there are plenty of people looking to find out more info on it and you can help convert these visitors into commissions.

What I like about Plus500

  • Get up to $800 cpa
  • Super popular platform so you’ll get lots of traffic
  • Good range of markets to trade.  Promote stocks, crypto, commodities and more

Find out more about 500Affiliates Here


SimpleFX lets you trade stocks using Bitcoin.  Crypto is continuing to grow in popularity.  So being involved with a platform that accepts Bitcoin could be a huge advantage.  If you currently promote crypto affiliate programs, then SimpleFX could be for you

What I like about SimpleFX

  • Next gen platform that accepts Bitcoin
  • Privacy focused – more and more people are starting to care about their privacy, which gives you a unique selling point to promote SimpleFX
  • Earn a % – no CPA commissions, but you’ll earn a % that increases the more people you refer.

Learn More about SimpleFX here


XM has been around for a long time and are a popular trading platform with both retail and pro traders.  They offer a no deposit bonus for new traders. This is really good for converting visitors into leads.

What I like about XM Partners:

  • High commissions – earn $650 per lead
  • Pro trading platform – trusted by pros to offer a reliable trading experience
  • No Deposit Bonus – easily convert visitors into leads by offering them free money to trade with!

Find out more about XM here

Top Tips for Making Money with Forex Affiliate Programs:

Looking to make more money from Forex affiliate programs?  Here are some of my top tips for making more money:

  • Become a platform user – share your own walkthroughs and how-to guides.  These convert way better than if you’re writing about a platform you’ve never review before
  • Create a mailing list – Forex programs convert much better with a mailing list.  I like to send a “platform of the month” newsletter.  I also have setup an autoresponder series that drip feeds helpful tips over a number of days.
  • Get to know your affiliate manager – most programs will give you an affiliate manager.  Get to know them!  When you start driving more conversions you can negotiate higher commissions.
  • Promote multiple programs – you never know when one program will close down.  Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket.

Don’t have a Forex Affiliate Blog yet?  You can get one setup in about 15 minutes on Siteground.  It’s the platform I recommend for running profitable affiliate blogs, and it’ll only cost you a few dollars a month to get your own blog.


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